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Indulge in the ritual of sipping our Women's Tonic tea blend, allowing the gentle infusion to uplift your spirits and nourish your body. Whether you're seeking a moment of self-care or looking to support your overall health, this tea is designed to be a delicious and empowering ally on your wellness journey. Savor the blend of flavors and let the nurturing properties of each ingredient envelop you in a soothing embrace.

1.6 OZ

Women's Tonic

  • Lemon Balm: Embrace the bright and uplifting notes of lemon balm, a herb known for its calming properties. This aromatic addition brings a touch of tranquility to your cup, providing a moment of relaxation in the midst of your day.

     Nettle: Packed with essential nutrients, nettle is a powerhouse herb that has been traditionally used to support overall health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it adds a nourishing element to the blend, promoting vitality and balance.

     Peppermint: Refresh your senses with the invigorating flavor of peppermint. Beyond its delightful taste, peppermint contributes to digestive well-being and provides a rejuvenating burst of energy.

     Red Raspberry Leaves: Known for their women's health benefits, red raspberry leaves are included to support reproductive wellness. This gentle addition brings a subtle sweetness to the blend, creating a comforting and nurturing cup.

     Oat Straw: Celebrate the grounding properties of oat straw, a herb associated with promoting a sense of calm and balance. It adds a mellow, earthy undertone to the tea, creating a well-rounded and comforting experience.

     Chaste Tree Berry: Embrace the holistic benefits of chaste tree berry, a herb traditionally used to support hormonal balance in women. This ingredient adds depth to the blend, contributing to the overall well-being of women.

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